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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Another first shave
Heljestrand Royal Kindal 6/8 full hollow
Pacific Shaving Co.

Face lather for today’s 1-pass. Went well except that every time I face lather with the SOC I send lather droplets in every direction. I’m always surprised when I watch guys shave in YouTube videos and their shirts aren’t soaking wet at the end! This Royal Kindal came off an eBay site where the seller knows his honing - advertised as shave ready and it was. The etching is worn away and there is a bit of hone wear but that doesn’t matter much to me (if it did I would have bought the other one he was advertising that was in better condition :) ).


Hot Towel Prep
Mitchell's Wool Fat
Simpsons Tulip 3 in Two Band Super Badger
Koraat 14-2.0 7/8
Scrupleworks Veggie Tanned Horse .. 30/50
Bloc Osma
Thayer's Witch Hazel .. Rose Petal
D.R. Harris Marlborough Splash

It's always a good day when I can choose 'da Fat! The Tulip 3 is my biggest brush. While it's not my favorite, it is very nice...

I'm using the Koraat in honor of a friend's recent 2.0 acquisition.. He inspired me to choose it. I like the smoked gray scales very much.

I must say, taking the time to soak my beard with a hot towel is a luxury I can afford on a Sunday, and it is well worth it!



Koraat 8/8, 1/4 hollow, Basic II
MdC Fougere
Mojo Handcrafts
TOBS Eaton College

This was a "primo" razor week with my favorite Greaves wedges, Rigarazor, Wacker Chevalier, and today's Koraat. Feeling extremely blessed that I have such great toys.

Also thinking that I just don't get the same joy from my full hollows... Perhaps a change in direction of the Winds of Acquisition?
Tonight we have a Monchard, oddly from Solingen. Little Lather Catcher for the head, Stirling Nag Champa attempting to counteract the barnyard aroma of the horse knot.

Tried a unicot (taped, 2 bevel) coticule sharpening this time, as opposed to the less-than-stellar dilucot method attempted previously.

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