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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Thiers Issard
B&M Seville
B&M 22mm Synth
Tony Miller Horween Strop
Jnat Shobu Finish
B&M Seville AS Balm
B&M Seville EDT
Test run of the new TI today. probably save with her consecutive days as I dial in the edge. were close.

be well all.

Today’s shave was Vitos extra super red, a Semogue 830, and a Joseph Elliot hollow ground razor. This razor is like shaving with an axe, the tang and tail is 1/4” thick, no exaggeration! Got an amazing 3 pass today and finished it up with Proraso sensitive shave balm.



size comparison, the Elliot is on the left and an Engels Leader on the right.

The theme for this evening's shave was inexpensive but good:

J.A. Henckels 42 - 5/8 inch, half hollow
Omega 10066 boar brush
Palmolive Classic Shaving Cream
Dollar General green AS

I bought the razor shave ready on eBay with a slight smile and then reset the bevel - my first successful edge using rolling x-strokes. Very smooth shave - almost zero irritation.

If I put on my super-critical thinking hat, I have to say that the Dollar General green AS was the weakest link in today's shave - just doesn't reach the bar set by Barbarsol Brisk - my favorite green AS.

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