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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

J.R. Torrey Co.
WK Chypre Rose Concerto
Semogue 1305
Tony Miller Strop
Jnat Shobu Finish
WK Chypre Rose Concerto AS splash
2nd day of COVID quarantine. this razor is a puzzler and kinda ticks/honks me off. mass produced American blade. No exaggeration, I would put this specific razors blade and edge up against any of the fine razors in my stable.......and that's saying a lot.

be well all. hanging on........ and hanging in there with Faith.



JR Torrey Gibraltar
WK Fougere Mania
Rick Montalvo
4711 AS and EdC

Great shave this morning! BBS everywhere.

Second WK soap I have tried and I'm impressed. This one is the Siero base and the other (Fougere Bouquet) is labeled as "Tallow", but without a specific base name evident. Both have been fantastic in both scent and performance.
George W Korn 5/8 square point
Pacific Shaving Co cream

First shave with this Korn razor from Little Valley NY in first quarter of 20th century. My first and so far only razor from that town that played a key role in US straight razor history. Similar profile to many others from NY state, but extra hollow on the grind. This was honed up thru a black Ark and it felt perfectly fine - though I will still put it through the pasted balsa strop routine before using again.

The SOC is definitely starting to break in, but still not quite up to the level of my badger brush. I’m hoping another week will complete the break in process. I ended up with way too much leftover lather, so I can start dialing back the amount I use with the SOC.

Today’s real challenge - Tuesday’s and Thursdays I do a weightlifting workout before the shower and shave. Some days like today I get to the shave and find that the muscles in my arms are too thrashed to function at 100%. So for the upper lip portion I ended up having to put the 2nd hand on the scales to help steady the razor! I got through with just a tiny ***** at the bottom of my nose from the somewhat aggressive toe on this razor. But no blood so I kept that streak alive. At this point # of SR shaves is getting pretty close to 50, I’m impressed that some guys seem to know what the exact number is, but I’m spitballing it.


Hot Water Splash
Mitchell's Wool Fat
Simpsons M7 Manchurian
Y. Akamatsu Manaslu M-55
Scrupleworks Veggie Tanned Horse .. 30/50
Bloc Osma
Thayer's Witch Hazel .. Rose Petal
Spanish Floïd Suave Splash

Last shave off the Manaslu was off the 12K Gouken. I wanted to see if the 20K Gokumyo could improve on that. If the 20K provided a slight edge, it was ever so slight... virtually undetectable.. so I'm satisfied. But, I am getting smoother shaves off the Gokumyo that I did before, so that's a plus.
All the other players are long time favorites..

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