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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES


Maiden shave for this Joseph Rodgers sporting my first attempt at made-from-scratch scales and a first attempt coticule edge.
Joseph Rodgers "Celebrated India Steel"
Tabac (making progress on finishing it before month's end in preparation for Arko August)
TOBS Eaton College AS

So ...

The scales are fully functional, but I need to work on a more domed profile so they aren't so flat. I also want to figure out flat and scalloped wedge ends. And I need to figure out how to work with natural blemishes in horn/bone. But for now, I'm good with these for personal use.

The razor itself cleaned up nicely. I love the profile of the blade and the heft of it. I may want to remove a bit more of the patina at some point, but for now it is a testament to a well storied life so far.

The coticule edge performed well. No better and no worse than my synthetic edges despite the fact that it didn't treetop as well as my synthetic edges do. I'll see what a few trips through the pasted balsa do, but I loved the whole "one stone" thing and honing with slurry.

All in all, entirely successful tests for multiple things and BBS to boot!