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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES


I've found out that sticking to the same razor for a week has several advantages. The most obvious one is that the shaves get even better since you have time to really adapt to the razor. What's less obvious is the joy of carefully picking the next razor, that is to be a bit different but still something you've really been missing. So after given it careful consideration this shoulderless Törnblom was chosen for the upcoming week. It's not a beginner's razor but it (and other razors of the same model) are amazing shavers when in able hands.

Oh yes nearly forgot; the cub still hasn't beaten his old man in chess, but I fear that the day is nearing when he does.

I wish you all The Best.

Not in the same league as the lovely razors in this thread but today I used my only straight razor. This is a Japanese Derby Aiku, Simpson Chubby 1 Manchurian brush, home made Old Spice soap from a beautiful Shulton mug, and vintage 1977 Shulton Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Old Spice after shave. 20200215_171805.jpg


Saturday's mid-morning shave:
WM. Greaves & Sons, FBU
Storybook Soapworks, Midnight Embers
CRV in Silvertip

Haven't picked up this razor since it bit me about a month ago. No such problems today. BBS in three blissful passes.
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