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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES


7/8 Rigarazor with a french point and thumb notch again today. This time with Tabac using a CRV in silvertip. Just trying to get comfortable with this beast of a razor. It's not unwieldy, just crazy sharp. And that French point demands some respect.

Great results today and the fear factor is definitely decreasing with each use.


Beautiful razor as always Richard. That brush is something else. Who is the artisan?
Thanks. The brush is made by a member on SRP (Straight Razor Palace) who goes by HARRYWALLY (Andrew). I'm not sure he's currently making brushes, as he has a young family and full time job. It's made of Amboyna Burl and African Blackwood, and I put in a 28mm Shavemac 2-Band knot.


EIKO 6/9 (Western grind) and a new Grooming Dept soap, Tentazione, another outstanding performer and a lovely scent.

11.18.19EIKO 6:8.jpg
Dovo Best Quality 5/8". I have been playing around with a coticule and this razor, trying to understand to which extent I can push both of them.

It is now giving an easy HHT3-4 across the blade, the shave is easy and comfortable. Very hard to cut myself. End result is not the best, but I overall satisfying with zero irritation.

I guess the quality of this blade is not truly "Best"...