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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Wade & Butcher FBU
Maggard's Black and White
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@azwetshaver - What do you think of the Wacker Old Sheffield? I've been thinking of pulling the trigger on one as my first Wacker.
It is a very nice blade. A heavy full hollow. The spine is thicker than my Fili 14 and they are about the same size. The blade measures 15/16 from back of spine to edge. I think the scales could be better. I sent it to the Doc for some modifications.
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It seems as I can't get enough of Thiers Issard at the moment. This model is my favourite among them which might explain why I one morning found that I no longer had one but three of them. The point on this one isn't muted, but then again earlobes are overrated.

Very beautiful Wacker, Gabe. An old school looking blade with some modern touches. What kind of scales are you having Doc make for it?
He is modifying the original horn scales. I felt the pivot was too far from the end of the scales. When opened, the scales went too far into the tang. He is changing the rivets from brass to silver domed. The wedge is black like the scales. To add contrast, he is making the wedge in white bone. In his words it should "set it off nicely".

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
ATOR by ERN. Made in Wald.


This ERN is a fabulous razor. I was able to put a wonderful edge on it. The edge is even better now after a recent bit of touchup honing on my Norton white translucent convex stone (from Superior Shave as a one-off).

The razor is a great example of what can be found on eBay once you learn how to assess the options (and with a little luck). I paid $22.50 for this light and nimble 5/8" razor including shipping; what a bargain that turned out to be!

Of course, shaving with this fine soap, made by our own Frank @Dragonsbeard seems to improve most of my shaves. My technique has improved, too, but, regardless of technique a very sharp edge is a must!

Happy shaves,