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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Wade & Butcher FBU
Maggard's Black and White
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@azwetshaver - What do you think of the Wacker Old Sheffield? I've been thinking of pulling the trigger on one as my first Wacker.
It is a very nice blade. A heavy full hollow. The spine is thicker than my Fili 14 and they are about the same size. The blade measures 15/16 from back of spine to edge. I think the scales could be better. I sent it to the Doc for some modifications.
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It seems as I can't get enough of Thiers Issard at the moment. This model is my favourite among them which might explain why I one morning found that I no longer had one but three of them. The point on this one isn't muted, but then again earlobes are overrated.