What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by California Cajun, Dec 1, 2010.

    Wade and Butcher "Hollow Ground"
    Arko stick
    Maggard's Black and White

    Love the heft of this razor.
  1. Shumate Barbers Deluxe 5/8
    Club Willy soap
    The Veg a/s

    I don't see too many Shumates being posted. I just finished the scales this morning so, of course, I had to use it for today's shave.

    (from Strazors.com)
    The trademark "Shumate Razor Co. St.Louis." was used c.1904-1920.
    Founded in Austin, Texas about 1884 by Albert Teagarden. Joseph Shumate became a partner in 1895, and the name became Teagarden and Shumate. The firm first dealt in cutlery about 1900, and soon changed the name to the Shumate Razor Company.
    In 1904, Shumate decided to move to St.Louis, Missouri. By 1906, the main office was in St.Louis. In 1919, Fred S. and A.E. Roth became partners in the firm. In 1927, they were selling pocket knives marked Shumate, Roth, Aristocrat, Stainless Cutlery Co., and Waldemar.

  2. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador


    I don't entirely think of the Feather SS barber razor as a proper straight razor, but I find the razor useful on occasion, and enjoy using it once in a while. Today was one of those occasions.

    I'm trying to decide whether to take it with me on vacation instead of a real straight razor and a strop.

    Happy shaves,

  3. Feather SS makes a fantastic travel razor - blades last me 15-20 shaves, crazy sharp, no strop. I like the 'bling' factor of regular straights, but can't fault the SS where it counts - quality of the shave.
  4. Deelyte

    Deelyte Contributor


    This razor was an curiosity buy for me. I live my FRIODUR 472 so much I though I would purchase another stainless steel blade to compare
  5. How did they compare?
  6. Wednesday's Shave
    'Granite & Fire'
  7. 6/8 MODOSO

    Had a great shave with this Solingen blade.Removed two days of growth in no time. rps20190814_173853_237.jpg
  8. Couldn’t decide on which razor to use today. Both razors were fresh off the ozuku and first time shaving with them so I did a half and half shave.

    Manaslu 505 and a Fon Golden Star with my dr Harris lavender and Rooney stubby.

  9. Deelyte

    Deelyte Contributor

    Good question @Basil, first let me state this comparison is my experience with said razors. Others experience may be different from mine.

    Both razors are 6/8’s my preferred size but I do have some bigger and some smaller which I enjoy using. Both are hollow ground and the Balfanz is Swedish steel. Both were honed on a Belgian Coticule my preferred natural stone of choice. Now the shave from the Balfanz was a good shave but the feel on my face was different than the feel of my Henckels. All in all I would say that I had a CCS shave but IME the Henckels is a tad bit smoother shaver for me.
  10. Thanks for the write up! I’ve had bad luck with my stainless razor so I’ve stayed away from buying more. Mine is a Henckels friodur but it’s one of the new ones they made around 2010. Others have said they got some decent edges from them but I haven’t been as lucky.
  11. Deelyte

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    You’re welcome, I will also present another stainless steel razor I own as well. The Friedr Herder 77 Constant. It for me is a nice shaver and I would say out of the three it would be my second choice after the 472. Maybe it’s the type of beard and skin I have I enjoy the shaves I get from my stainless steel razors.
  12. Ice-Man

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    This Mornings Shave

    Dubl Duck Goldedge 11/16th
    L'Occitan Cade Soap
    Yaqi 26mm Two Band Badger
    L'Occitan Eau De L'Occitan EDT

  13. Dubl Duck, Pearl Duck, Satinedge, 4/8.
  14. Deelyte

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    I’m going with the Constant 77 by F Herder this morning. It’s another stainless steel razor in my arsenal I enjoy using.
    4DD0DB1F-045D-45ED-B972-9CEAF40DCE39.jpeg Great Day Smooth Shaves
  15. Thank you Joshua! One of my favorites too.
  16. mrlandpirate

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  17. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    My Fredericks Celebrated Sheffield failed the shave test today. It needs to go back to the stones. It is one of the razors I have liked more than most others, but that was when it was sharp. It's been a bear getting the chips out and getting it sharp, but I think I'm pretty close to success. We'll see.
  18. 20190814_201057.jpg Got my replacement Zertone today, this one actually had the bevel set! After some time on the Norton combo and some diamond paste I tried it out. Never used the RR SLOC, but the edge needs more work. Almost a BBS, definitely DFS.
    I have some new rocks on the way.

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