What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by California Cajun, Dec 1, 2010.

    ABC 567, steel 6/8, japanese straight razor
  1. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    Puma 69 5/8 late version and old picture.

  2. 13/16 Bengall
  3. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

  4. 6/8 Ed Wusthof Stainless
    Had a wonderful shave with this German blade.She sports a Kita edge from doc226. 0_rps20190516_144013_958.jpg
  5. Fontenille #403
  6. Thursday's Shave
    'Lime Twist'
  7. Tiger this, Tiger that. :001_302:

  8. New scales, fresh off the hone.
  9. evnpar

    evnpar Contributor

    I had a marvelous shave with this J.A. Hellberg generously sent to me by a very kind Swedish gentleman.

  10. Filarmonica 14, Medallon Taurino, Capote
  11. Love the brush
  12. HoshiTonbo 6500 First edition

  13. Today was a Filly EPBD with a custom WW black wolf synthetic and a trio of Penhaligons Bayolea

  14. A Cordy's branded razor that looks and feel like a Dubl Duck
  15. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    That nice razor belongs to a great man.:001_smile
  16. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    Puma 222

  17. The 31 for Wednesday and Thursday, because once just wasn't enough.
    The pickled herring today. A trio of delightful shaves. IMG_20190517_090953392_HDR.jpg IMG_20190517_091028630_HDR.jpg
  18. Spanish hnddicrsftsman, Carlos RUFVK

  19. Such a great shaver!!

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