What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by California Cajun, Dec 1, 2010.

    Tonight’s shave was then 6/8 Le Grelot in rams horn

  1. Kropp, carbon steel 7/8
  2. evnpar

    evnpar Contributor

    Thanks, Dave. I've been very pleased with what a great little shaver it is.
  3. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    Thank you. I'll be shaving with it a couple of days.
  4. Brian Brown

  5. 69B57729-39DA-4D27-9733-7E168AE15031.jpeg
    5/8 Bismarck
  6. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    WB FBU 8/8 also known as the Bev:em2300:
  7. May be time to hone a few razors, it’s been almost 18 months since this was honed but it does not get used that much since I have 12 in rotation but it tugged a little

    Wacker Chevalier
    LG soap with a Vie Long HH
    Big splash of Clubman Lilac Vegetal

  8. 7/8 William Greaves
    Had a very nice and smooth shave from my crusty old Greaves blade.
  9. Deelyte

    Deelyte Contributor

    HENCKELS 472

    I don’t exactly know what it is about this razor but right know it is absolutely my favorite. It gets used more than any I own at the present. It’s a great shaver for me nice and smooth providing a close comfortable shave.
  10. Done with the American wing. On to the thrilling white north.
    C.V.H. 23. Love the feel and handling of this diminutive, but heavy blade.
  11. Gorgeous razors again gents!!
  12. Tuesday's Shave
    'Lemon Zest'
  13. I've seen a lot of W&B "The Celebrated" razors but I don't think I've seen another "The Sheffield".

  14. evnpar

    evnpar Contributor

    I'm spending Wednesday morning with Tim Zowada 6/8 dressed in Mammoth Ivory Scales

  15. [​IMG]

    SOTD for Wednesday the 15th of May 2019

    Heljestrand MK32
    Strop Martin J. Rubin 4601 New York
    Muhle Fibre Silvertip XL
    SV Tundra Artica
    SV Tundra Artica Balm
    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Edp
  16. Tanifuji Fukutarō, Baba 862, Swedish steel 6/8
  17. KAMA road razor today....just enough time this morning for a quick pic. 20190515_060319.jpg
  18. Deelyte

    Deelyte Contributor

    TIGER 27

    After my Henckels 472 this razor is the apple of my eye. Excellent shave this morning. Again exceptionally smooth

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