What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by California Cajun, Dec 1, 2010.

    Feeling old today so this one fits the mood.... 20190415_083811.jpg
  1. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    An ultra hollow Engström from the late 1890's.
    I found an unopened tub of Razorrock XXX I bought five years ago when it was most hyped. It had magnificent latherability, but that was about it. Most soaps gets a second chance, but I don't think XXX will.
  2. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    Never old, just vintage.:001_smile Except me of course, I'll live forever.
  3. 57CBED77-5CAF-4681-9A3B-5C2698FD9883.jpeg
    Brian Brown 7/8. Curly maple scales
  4. Andy77

    Andy77 Contributor

    I had the same experience...just about 5 years ago. I own several razorock products, but I haven't revisited their soap.
  5. Andy77

    Andy77 Contributor

    For me, today, a Cape Swedish Steel. Plain scales, hard steel. Gets sharp and stays sharp!

  6. Andy77

    Andy77 Contributor

    This is very nice. The double pins in the toe of the scales are a nice detail. Thumb notch must be comfortable, too!
  7. Broke out the little Parker SR-1 for a drive after about a year and a half...took a couple passes and many touch-ups, but it's close, with no cuts.
  8. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

  9. Arne i wish.....lol.
  10. Monday's Shave
    'Plum Twisted'
  11. 4/14/19
    11/16 Chaussis Torpedo #270
  12. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Moderator Contributor

    Tonights Shave

    Tanifuji No 1
    RazoRock xXx
    Yaqi 26mm Moka Express
    Dior - Fahrenheit EDP

    I wanted to test this razor and with 4 days growth, it mowed the lot in 2 passes DFS so I would say that was a great result.

  13. Dorko 12

  14. I decided to use this one today since i had to take the day off. I do have to say, near wedge is a silent wisker killer!


  15. Cool to see one of those getting some use! I’ll have to start making those again after it cools down. I’ve got plenty of blanks.
  16. Took this one of the stones last night. Based on this morning's test server I have a little more work to do, but it shaves.

    W&B Frameback
    C & E West India Lime
    Omega Boar

  17. 7/8 W. Greaves and sons
    Used my crusty Greaves Wedge.I honed her to see what type of edge she would take before beginning a restore .Honed her on Sharpton Glass up to 8K and finished with Couticle than a Thuri.She shaves wonderfully with a super smooth and keen edge.This old girl deserves a proper restore . rps20190416_005320_934.jpg
  18. Ichiri Co., Y. Akamatsu Razor Works, Manaslu M-100.
  19. salamander.jpg
    German made 1920's Salamander 5/8

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