What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by California Cajun, Dec 1, 2010.

    Greaves and Sons
    Fuller Boar resto
  1. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    Ralf Aust 5/8

    $2016-06-30 15.59.24.jpg
  2. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    Thank you Rich. I'm no enabler but this one gets my very best recommendations and it's readily available from Aust's homepage.
  3. Ern 1166

  4. Sir, Your razors and the other shaving equipment are SUPERB!!!
  5. [​IMG]
    The second one of these razors in the set and really quite as good as the first.
  6. I had to go with the Robert Williams again:

  7. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    Thank you Dan. It took me a while before I got a chance to hone her, but today was her debut. A very fine razor.

  8. ERN ATOR Swayback for Wednesday
  9. Mk 31 today...finally got the edge where it needs to be!

  10. Kiku Frameback
  11. As I am a learner - both in SR shaving and SR honing (!) each day I generally try a small selection of the astonishing number of razors I have acquired in the past six weeks or so. I "honed" a few yesterday, and one or two of them have not turned out badly though they are not "there" yet.

    And I also tried my newly-arrived LAAPP, sold "for repair" All I did to this one was strop it on canvas and leather and it gave me a lovely shave!

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  12. Thiers-Issard 5/8 Special Coiffeur w/bone scales:

  13. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Emeritus

    Feather AC SS w/Pro(16)
  14. Razor: Otto Busch Weltmeister
    Strop: TM Notovan
    Soap: MWF
    Brush: RV Custom Badger
    Aftershave: Captains Choice Cat Of Nine
    Balm: Neutrogena
    Talc: Clubman

  15. Continuing with the "Favorite Ugly" razor theme. Bengal
  16. Toyo Scheon Burg 777

  17. Dovo Special
    Proraso Sandalwood
    Myrsol Antesol
    Semogue Owners Club

  18. Servin' up Genco tonight. Prototyping a new light box too!

    $IMG_1800.jpg $IMG_1802.jpg

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