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What soap would you purchase if you didn't already have enough soap to last a lifetime?

This is a thought that has often crossed my mind. I have so much shaving soap that it's nearly impossible to justify buying anymore, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about it. Here's my list of soaps which I have never tried before that I would purchase today, if I didn't already have too much to begin with.

1. Henri et Victoria - Cognac and Cuban Cigars
2. Pre de Provence - No. 63
3. Hawaiin Shaving Company - Kealakekua
4. Southern Witchcraft - Samhain
5. Arko (I know, I know... but, I have never tried it before, so it gets included)

So, what shaving soaps would you buy, if you didn't have way too much already?

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When I finish my Proraso (still quite new) I’m excited to try something from an artisanal brand. Chiseled Face is a locally owned brand I never knew about so I might try it out next and see if I can support a local establishment. From there I am especially interested in Ghost Town Barber. I’m also interested in K Shave Worx soaps and I want to see more from them.
I have enough soaps to last the rest of my days. (But hopefully not). :whistling:
There is however one soap I'd like to try.....Mitchell's Wool Fat. I've read so much saying it's great soap, but hard to lather, it causes me to think it would be a worthwhile challenge.:a53:
It ain't hard to lather. I have hard water and it's easy to lather. People who say that need to work on their fundamentals.
Razorock "The Dead Sea" soap, the scent is unique & tranquilizing with excellent lather qualities.> Aftershave compliments it well.
Razorock "Santa Maria de Fiore" soap nice scent with vanilla and young tobacco leaf scent with excellent lather qualities>aftershave has more tobacco scent with less Vanilla were soap is more balanced but the soap is awesome.
This is the first I have heard about LaToja being ruined. Dang. Wunnerful stuff!

And @AnimalCatcher : once I get back home I can send you some Arko. A stick. You've been awfully generous with the blades over the years.

Every True American Gentleman MUST try Arko! Just ask @Marco !
I wonder if La Toja is "ruined"? They changed the formula but until someone sends me a sample of the new version, I won't know. This isn't the first company to make a change in their formula. The question is, is to what effect? I think current Old Spice smells as good as old Old Spice. I've got both. There's a difference but, to me, it isn't earth shatteringly different.
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