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What soap to get!

I recommend Soap Commander and either Mikes Naturals or Strop Shoppe. That'll start you out with a top of the line vegan soap and top of the line tallow & lanolin soap. You will have the best of both worlds and all three are easy to lather.
Stirling soaps after nice. Their "Margaritas in the Arctic" is nice and cold. Also Maggard Razors worships are very reasonable. The Likes & Bergamot is great.
If I had to choose one, it would be Tabac. Then I would would add Cella and MWF for a little variety. All dependable and good performers IME. 'Nuff said...
The Proraso products are always in my shaving soap / cream rotation :thumbup1:
Green tube or tub is the Eucalyptus / Menthol variety, and a good quality product to have on hand (face).
Saponificio Varesino, MWF, Tiki, Tabac, Caties Bubbles, Tcheon Fung Sing, Stirling. Pick a scent you would like all perform well.
Whenever you ask a question like this you're going to get the more mainstream popular soaps like Tabac, Proraso, etc recommended because everyone has these. Kinda like if I ask a general question: what's a good car? I'd likely get the response (Toyota, Honda, Chevy, etc).

If you change your question a bit you might get a different response. Like if I ask from people that have driven the very best high performance sports cars what is the best you've experienced. Then you might get some responses like Ferrari, Bugatti, etc.

People here are very kind and want to be helpful, so the guy that's tried three soaps will add a comment with his favorite of the three he's tried.

I've tried all of the Tabac's and the Proraso's or the world and to me they are solid but not truly exceptional. Metaphorically speaking they are the Toyota's and Honda's of the shaving soap world. After trying literally hundreds of soaps for me there's a lot better stuff out there just like there are better cars.

Here are some really excellent vendors to consider trying:
WSP Rustic - I like every scent from this maker, especially the Marrikesh. Very similar to the $65 Martin de Candre but only about $12
Los Angeles Shaving Co - great soap with some complex scents. I like woody lavender but others prefer Bespoke and Topanga Fougere which are much more complex.
Barrister & Mann - Some really excellent soap with some interesting scents. Some scents like Nocturne I love, others I don't.
Cold River Select - Excellent stuff, really excellent soap with all of the moisturizers in it. Outstanding in fact.
Captain's Choice - I'm really liking their Lime soap. Quality wise it's excellent.
Reef Point - Another great soap maker that offers reasonably priced samples. Excellent soap.
Strop Shoppe (SE w/tallow soaps) - One of my favorites, very moisturizing, outstanding stuff.
Soap Commander - Excellent as well. Offers sample packs of every scent for $14.
PannaCrema - Really nice soap and about the most luxurious thick rich lather I've encountered but the scents for me are ok.
Catie's Bubbles - Another nice soap with some great scents and some I don't care for. I really like the Baked apple, Fruit Loops, and LPV ones.
Phoenix Artisan - Excellent performing soap with outstanding bold scents. This one makes my wife say mmm, you smell good.
Tiki - Another very high quality soap. I love their The Captain scent.
Mike's - A reasonably priced very good soap that offers samples at a reasonable price.

Some of these offer samples and other's don't. Do by samples to figure out what soaps you like and what scents work or don't work for you.

Stirling is another soap that I often recommend to someone new because they offer large samples, it's slick as hell and it's inexpensive. It's more of a gel like consistency from the lather so know you're not going to get the big fluffy later from it. Still a nice soap.

Also, when you buy a new soap and use it for the first time take a plastic spoon and remove a little soap to lather in another bowl. This way if you don't like it or have a reaction to it you can sell or trade it as a new soap with one small sample removed instead of something that you took a brush to. Many here will not use used soaps for personal hygene reasons. Once you know you like it and that you're keeping it lather right on the soap from that point on. This is what I do with anything new I try.

Good luck.
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