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What soap to compliment B & M Waves?

Hi, all,

I have finished my B & M 42 and am looking to purchase a new soap. I have narrowed it down to the B & M Waves and am looking for recommendations for something that will be sufficiently different as to warrant having both. I am looking at either a B & M or Noble Otter. I will be ordering from "Top of the Chain" in Canada.

I have a Stirling Co synthetic brush and am using a Henson AL13 (mild).

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Just a friendly reminder, Waves is not out yet in Ominbus. If you are buying the older version that is fine, but you could get Le Grande Chyres.

There isn't much out from B&M just yet, maybe fougere gothique? I would think something from NO would be a good contrast. Say, Noir et Vanille or Two Kings or maybe RAWR.
I was just letting you know that Waves hasn't migrated over to the new base called Omnibus. If you like, and can still get, Reserve carry on. LGC is one of only five soaps, soon 6, available in the new base.
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