What Soap(s) Do You Have On Order?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by DoctorShavegood, Aug 16, 2018.

    It depends on what gifts i get in the coming days! ☺
  1. Four tubes of Palmolive cream and four Palmolive shave sticks from England.
  2. MWF!!!

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  3. Just received a bowl of Tabac. Love that stuff.
  4. SGH


    I have it on good authority that God himself shaves with Tabac.
  5. DSCF9471.JPG
    I just got these Shave Dash samples in the mail this evening. My facial hair just can't grow fast enough!
  6. DG “Sellout”!

  7. No doubt.
  8. Australian Private Reserve Bombora
  9. The holy puck trio and two sticks of Derby. Have to stock up for my sabbatical, though I probably have enough soap to last me till, wait for it, wait for it, 3017.
  10. There are not much options when it comes to shaving soap here in India, but recently heard about Trigodon Shaving Soaps, will order them tonight, the tin bowl is giving a heritage look though.
    calm-seas-trigodon-125-original-imaeg7qjxuhqhpna.jpeg IMG_3834-F.jpg NewPackaging11474453603.jpg
  11. Just received today. [​IMG]

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  12. CDL Dragon Blood and Black Rose Oud.

  13. Oz Shaving Tik-tok
    Grooming Dept Tao
  14. Last week, I received Mike’s Pumkin Spice. Awesome, baby! And, I just ordered another puck of Tabac for backup.
  15. Tabac
    Original Shaving Soap Bowl
  16. Currently have 30 on order.
    The one's I'm looking forward to are:
    Mickey Lee Soapworks – Pantie Dropper (Supposed to smell like Drakkar Noir)
    Wholly Kaw - King of Oud (Never smelled Oud - that I know of)
    PAA - Black Bot (I love amber musks)
    Tabac (Have to know what all the fuss is about)
    Humphrey's Handmade Soap - Toxic Zombie Farts (it glows in the dark - nuff said)
  17. I ordered two soaps from JabonMan - Rosa Oud and Vetiver. They were shipped today, and typically take about two weeks to get from Spain to Florida.
  18. I've been using a LE from Jabonman 'Pepperilla', I really like it.

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