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What Soap(s) Do You Have On Order?


"A Boy Named Sue"
Whooly Kaw - Merchant of Tobacco...I can't wait.

What do you have on order? I bet you've got the tracking number memorized.:biggrin1::laugh::whistling:
Pre de Provence, I'm usually not into large scale soaps but wanted to give it a try. Also, 11 bucks for a soap this hard seems like a great deal.
Wholly Kaw Dances of Argumes soap, splash and balm, La Fougere Parfaite splash, Lav Sublime splash plus a couple of BST items.
Well I had Stirling Gatlinburg and Agar on order along with their matching AS until it arrived today!!! Now after much reviews read about the not so great Gatlinburg scent I say...AWESOME it is!!! for me....Agar I also love so yes, YMMV! LOL
I just ordered Stirling Sharp Dressed Man, and samples of Executive Man, Barbershop, Ozark Mountain, Mountain Man, and Sandpiper.

I already have either the full size, sample size or bath soap of everything of theirs that I'm interested in now that I've put in this latest order

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Well. WCS (PAA) Gatsby came the other day, if that counts.

Just been beating up Declaration Grooming (3) and my own Oakmoss-Williams soap so bad; needed a change.

These samples from ShaveDash

Antica Barbieria Colla Shaving Soaps - samples (Italy)
Boellis 1924 Panama Shaving Soap - sample (Italy)
Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet ASB - sample (England)
Tallow + Steel West Indies....the only scent from TS nice to my nose, hope to don't be disappointed once the tub+AS will arrive ;)
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