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What soap has the best container?

Out of all the artists/manufacturers/suppliers; what soap container do you like best, and why?

I am withholding my answer, so as not to influence the responses for now.
The large mouth containers from Parkway Plastics are the very best I've found. These are used by many makers including Tallow & Steel and Grooming Dept.


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For me it’s Tabac.

soap works extremely well. It comes with the bowl/soap or just refill which is the way to go IMO.

Same for the shave stick.

that’s the best price/value for me.
The two tubs I favor most are Stirling (for being so flat and wide, though I'm not the best fan of their soap) and Soap Commander, who fills an 8oz (pretty deep) tub only 6oz full. Makes it extremely easy to lather in the tub (no bowl or mug needed). Soap Commander is also my favorite soap.
Soap Commander makes a good one. It seems that most soap makers have now started using
wide pet containers. Maybe the question should be what soap containers do you dislike?
Another nod for the Tabac - MWF's olde bowl is nice, but the soap is finicky in my water. The run of the mill flat plastic ones stack better/more securely, but the question was which I like best, which will never be plastic packaging ..