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What soap do you find yourself using most often?


I loved it from first use. :001_wub:
Since then I've had two shaves with TFS Mandarino Tachibana, but all the rest have been Clubman. :cornut:

Here's my last SOTD:
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^ That was my 88th (nearly) consecutive "Clubman Shave Soap" shave.

I face lather and load from the tub... so I repotted two of the small Clubman 59g tubs into my favorite size tub (so I can use a bigger than tiny brush).

Please accept my apologies for TMI. :blushing:
I found Clubman to be a surprisingly good and refreshing soap. I chanced upon a 2-pack for travel; thinking at worst, I could repurpose the 2oz tubs. My travel brushes work well with the smaller container - Simpson S1 and M6 (18 and 21mm respective).
1.) Modern WMS
2.) MWF
3.) Stirling Scots Pine Sheep
4.) Haslinger Shafmilch
5.) B&M 42
6.) Vintage WMS

Nivea, Proraso, and Palmolive creams sneak in there too, but that's for another forum, not this one.
My four staples in no particular order that I seem to go back to often:

Seaforth's Black Watch
Stirling in multiple scents
Barrister & Mann in multiple scents
Arianna & Evans in multiple scents


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Great question! I've been using PAA Clasico Bay Rum quite a bit lately... regular CK formula.
Proraso, I'm always finding my way back to my beloved Proraso.

Green, red, white. Lately more of the white. Amazing post shave feel.
MdC Agrumes - I'll probably never see the bottom of the jar because it takes so little to create a great lather -- I love the scent, lathers easily, slick and protective; pricey, but worth it.
Cella - ahhh, just love everything about it -- MdC experience at a fraction of the cost
Vintage Colgate - great tallow lather and post shave face feel, no scent, just a great performing tallow soap
Proraso Green - cheap, easy to lather, nice slickness always provides a great shave
Vintage SeaForth! - paid $5 for the ceramic mug with a half-inch thick old desiccated puck in it -- the puck is yellow in color and the lather it produces is also a tan/yellow color, no scent but the tallow lather is slick and protective. I tried to rehydrate the puck but it just dissolves because it's so dry -- it will lather from the puck, but works best when used like a shave stick.

I have a vintage puck of Palmolive and a boxed mug & puck of vintage Old Spice I haven't tried yet, but they will no doubt perform much like the vintage Colgate/SeaForth! and become favorites as well.
I've been in a groove of using either MdC Agrumes or Los Jabones de Joserra Brihuega for about the last 6 months. I typically shave at night and find both of these scents relaxing and the performance is great.
I took a long break (years) from buying new soaps. I was able to use two i Coloniali, almost 2 mwf, and almost 2 tabacs, 2 speick sticks tallow, and other soaps on hand didn’t get much use
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