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What soap do you find yourself using most often?

If you're like me, you have a drawer full of soaps. I'm guessing my count is up to about 60 or 70. I find myself using a small number though out of all those. For me, its:

* Stirling Barbershop
* Proraso White
* Razor Emporium Autumn

So, do you have a bunch of soaps that sit while you find yourself using a small handful? What are they?
On work days I like to use soaps that I can get a quick shave with and are more economical.

I know I could just wake up earlier. But I value my sleep.

Proraso green
Razorock What The Puck
Arko stick (used this the most)
La Toja stick
Speick stick
Vitos green
Proraso red cream

On my days off I have a little more time. So I tend to use more artisan soaps.

Sudsy Soapery


Girls call me Makaluod
ARKO of course.


I keep going back to Stirling. Usually Bay Rum, but Satsuma is sure nice. Nobel Otter, B&M and TOBS all work too, but I just keep coming back to Stirling. It just seems to work for me. Price point is good too.
My list, from most favorite to less favorite (but still good):

Officina Artigiana Milano
Martin de Candre

I do use other soaps as well, but only because I don’t want to throw them away. Once they are done, I won’t buy them again and will stick with the ones I mentioned above.


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
Normally this would be an easy answer for me: MdC. But I've been using Canada Shaving Soap every day I'm home for a longevity test, and I have to say that I'm enjoying it very much. After 4 months I think I can say the longevity is very good, but we'll see.


I shaved a fortune
I pretty much only use unscented soaps these days. I have a couple lightly scented soaps I can use as well, but I’d say 75% of my shaves have been with Canada Shaving Soap since I first got it. I also have a few other excellent unscented soaps, but I gravitate to the CSS.

It comes and goes from Amazon. When it shows up, I have ordered one or two extras for the free shipping. For me, it’s that good. I’m only about 1/3 through my first tub and I don’t scrimp on it either.
Most days I use PAA CK-6, but when I want to mix things up a little bit, I use PAA CK-6. On holidays and special occasions, I'll generally break out the PAA CK-6. If I'm going to a wedding or something where I'm likely to be photographed and therefore want an irritation-free shave, then I'll dig around in the back of the drawer for a little PAA CK-6.

Those are my favorites. YMMV.
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