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What *single* DE Razor would you buy if you were new? (Knowing what u know now)

I to buy a nice safety razor for my nephew, he's turning 16 in two weeks, so I thought a it would would be a nice, practical gift. (A while back, He borrowed my (cheap) Gillette DE and liked it much better than those mach whatever's hes been using. )

So here I am! I also need to get a nice one for myself, tbh. I bought a merkur (29c? Long handle iirc) a few years ago(on recommend from y'all ofc!!) but my ex-girlfriend commandeered it. I have no idea what is good or not these days; so many options and just as many varying opinions.

So. If you could have *1* and only one , for life, what would you buy? I loved the merkur but I want to try something new, and want my nephew to have a razor that will last a lifetime. Need suggestions that are available/in stock (vs scouring ebay for a Peloponnesian war era Gillette superspeed :p)

Any/all price ranges are fine. Long as it's 3 digits or less anyway. For my nephew, something with a long handle/adjustable+(?) might be good since he's new? Maybe? Anyway, I trust y'all. Send them suggestions please.

(PS: I used voshkhod(sp) blades back when I had the merkur. Are they still recommended? And shaving soap/brush ideas would be great too. I'm sorry to be a nuisance, I'm a Veteran/ Single dad, work/school.. not much free time. (I'm not complaining at all btw; I love my life , and my two daughters are the best thing that ever happened to me. )always on the go.

Thank y'all so very much. You're the best!



My daily driver razor is Maggard MR11 (short handle), but I don't think you could go wrong with an Edwin Jagger, Parker or Rockwell DE razor. Descent quality at an affordable price. If you like vintage stuff, you could probably find an old Gillette slim adjustable for around $20-30 in good shape on ebay.



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I really love my Above the Tie Windsor with a mild copper plate. It would be fine for a newbie. It is fine for a guy who has been shaving this way since the 1960s.
Timeless crown sb .68 or Carbon Shaving Ti R2 original plate. Still other plates to add in the future.

Timeless bowl is cheap and unbreakable - a great addition to a beginner.

A synthetic brush. Easy to use and durable.

Soap - I would go with what is local. See if any soaps are made near you. I like 345 soap and splashes - the outdoorsy scents. If you let us know where you are folks can tell you if you have a local soap maker.

I would not give a gift of Russian made blades. So I would recommend you change blade brands for a while assuming you don’t have old stock. Derby, Tiger, Feather are not made in Russia.

If you want adjustable 6s, Progress, or slim. I would not gift a 6c or Henson mild. I don’t think they should be manufactured -6c is a poor quality version of the 6s. Henson mild came out as a razor marketed for women shavers. Medium is fine and there is also an aggressive model.
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Razorock Gamechanger .68 OC. I've used Markur Progress, Henson medium (Al and Ti), and a Blackland Blackbird SS but I keep coming back to the RR GC. It's super smooth and provides irritation free shaves. The OC design works just as well on multiple days of growth as it does for every day shaving. It's stainless steel yet costs far less than most of the high end SS or Ti razors our there. I also have all the baseplate variations for the GC so if i want a little more aggression I can switch to the .84-p or .84-oc.
The RR 68OC is really a great razor. I agree it can be used both for heavy growth or daily without irritation. Not sure how it works so well? Love it.
I have several razors but keep coming back to:

- Lupo Aluminum
- Game Changer 68OC
- Tatara Masamune

They all provide me with irritation free close shaves but feel different. Love them all.
I think the Rockwell 6s is a great little piece of equipment that could for sure last a lifetime. It’d be a great razor to learn with as the 1 & 2 plates are super mild, but would keep some adaptability with the other plates down the road. Plus, I’ve found the razor to not be super picky about different razor blades—I’ve never had a shave that was less than ‘just ok’ with mine.
Schick L-type
Any Gem

In that order.
OMG I'm an idiot and I cannot read. Please disregard my very stupid and nonsensical reply and please consider this one instead:

1950s Gillette Tech.

Seriously, my sincerest apologies. I will try not to drunk post from now on.


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"Given what you know now" is a stretch for me.. I still know next to nothing about DE razors. I know one SE razor I like and I've had 5, count 'em, Five, shaves with a British Flat Bottom Tech that were great and one with the same razor but using a Kai blade that was a disaster..... Given what I know now... I know I don't know.
Feather ASD2-S... get him the stand.
Sounds like you want to get him a nice gift that will last and even be passed down as an heirloom.
That removes all pot metal junk from the list imo.
He's young so the Feather will be very efficient for him. When he's old like me it'll still take down grey whiskers and a week's growth of them.
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