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What should you be doing now, instead of hanging out on the forums?

Wishing the last of my headache would buzz off, avoiding a group of small tasks that will take next to no time, but that I am still persistently stubborn on avoiding. I feel like Jughead in the Archie comics, where more energy is put into avoiding the work, then what the work itself would take.
I was going to "like" your post but that would have been liking your headache... so....

I'm fighting off the urge to take a shower... just finished my rowing a few minutes ago and am cooling down.... So I should be here at the moment. <eg>
Avoiding chores (what else is new). I do have to go get cat food, as we are literally out, not even a can left for their supper. It's beautiful out, I'll love it once I get out, and I've been doddling away here instead. I am going to get up, and go get dressed (I'm dressed, but I'm not going to go out in mis-matched shorts and tank top, like clashing colours of blue). Honestly. Yes, this time. I will waste no more time here or on computer at all. (She says, hopefully).
I should be sleeping.... but I tried that... and here I am... almost 4AM.... I'm considering brewing some coffee and calling it a night...
I should be sleeping.... but I tried that... and here I am... almost 4AM.... I'm considering brewing some coffee and calling it a night...
I hate when that happens. I don't have insomnia hit too often, but it sucks. For some reason, it always seems to be the times when I get to bed early/on time, or haven't done any of the no-nos, like snacking before bed.
Well I have been getting stuff done, but not prioritizing, which is a bad habit of mine. Sorted through some stuff I'm giving away, organized my make up into a new, smaller box, made a healthy lunch (its okay that its late even, because I have an appointment at supper time, so supper will be later. Took some stuff that needed to go to the basement for storage. Of note, the receipts and paper work I need to do to put in some medical insurance claims is still sitting next to the sofa in several messy piles of paper, and I haven't even sorted out the receipts, or figured out who to call for more info. I plan to shortly get off here, and got do everything to get ready for the appointment, including figuring out the bus there... and then, in whatever time I have left over, the hideous (I HATE paperwork of any kind) medical claim stuff gets started. (even though I am getting money back, it is no motivation, I really do hate forms and paperwork and official thingies that are expecting me to be organized and understanding official government/business talk).
Lately I've been trying to do what i need to do and hang out on the forum at the same time. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If I get hooked on reading a really interesting thread, then distraction sets in!
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