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what should i get her for Valentines day ????

what should I get my lovely bride for Valentine's Day..she has everything already....she nevers makes fun of my shaving habit because she is a QVC junkie anyway....

Any Suggestions ???


Mark the shoeshine boy
Well, you say she has everything?

There's one thing I can think of that would accessorize nicely. :a49:


Man, I can see why you married her, those eyes are hypnotic! I see where your daughter gets her good looks. Loved the Christmas card!


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That's a striking young lass you have there Mark, but given the breeding stock, I'm not surprised:


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mark the shoeshine boy said:


:yikes: :jump: :nono:

and now you all are picking on my whole family....what are friends for !!!!

mark tssb

Hey, at least they didn't throw MY picture in there.....
Thanks robo,

I never thought I could feel so conflicted while looking at beautiful bosoms. :crazy:

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