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What shaving gifts did you get?

My wife gave me a Blackbird Lite in the machined finish, which is my favorite. First shave today and it catapulted to the top 5. I have the original Blackbird in polished. She also got me a Alpha V1 handle and a 26mm silvertip from Maggards. This has been an excellent holiday.

Wishing all you fellow wet shavers a very happy and safe holiday season!!!
So we can share our hauls and live vicariously through others, what shaving related gifts did you get?

I'll start, I got a Lambda Athena! I can't wait to take it for its first shave.

Hello Space Monkey!

🐒 I am a funky chunky monkey, who wishes he got a chance to go to space. But apparently I am so crazy, I belong at the zoo. :letterk1:

OK jokes aside... With the Christmas rush always being a total and complete disaster every year, I wanted to avoid all that, so I ordered my Christmas gift to self months ago. And thus, you folks already know about it by now. But just as a reminder as to what the item was, intended to be gift to thy self, for Christmas, it is none other then the................

PAA Copper Ascension Twist Adjustable In Rose Gold!
For a shave related gift, I kind of gave them to myself. My wife approves and I get what I would like vs. her giving me something without really knowing what she's buying. She doesn't know about shaving so it's a fair tradeoff.
I ordered myself a Razorine Flatboy and a Greencult 1.1 in black. I also threw in that alum block that Shave Nation sells that looks like a deodorant. Seems like a much better applicator than an alum stick. I see them all the time in Geo Fat Boys videos and have always wanted to get one.
I posted this a little while back, but my insanely great wife got me the following for one night of Hanukkah


From left to right, that's a synthetic brush, a hand made wooden handled razor, & a badger hair brush.

Like I said, she's insanely great!

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I appreciate that my mom meant well, but you have no idea how excited I was when I killed my cartridge-era can of Gillette gel 2 months ago and would never have to deal with canned stuff ever again. 🤦🏻‍♂️😅

That is nice and of course it's the thought that counts. My mom has been gone for near 30 years so this one hits home.

Not trying to be a downer, just reflecting, and happy that you are fortunate to share the season with mom.

Merry Christmas. 🙂🎄🙂
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