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What Shaving Gear do you NOT have an Acquisition Disorder for?

What shaving “stuff” do you not go overboard buying/hoarding or are you a complete lost cause? 😜

I buy waaay too much soap, blades and brushes but strangely I do not have the same acquisition disorder when it comes to razors.

I love my Rockwell 6S, Merkur Progress and vintage Gillettes but I really don’t have much of a desire to buy more razors (I have 7 or 8 total). I use the 6S most of the time and rotate in the Progress and a Red Tip and I am more than content.

I have too many blades, soaps and brushes but wouldn’t consider myself done buying any of them.
Since I lost my sense of smell a few years ago I really don’t have a desire to buy lots of different soaps or creams. I have a couple of different soaps and creams but I am very happy with the performance of my DR Harris Windsor scented shaving soap and my wife really likes the scent. I am not saying I won’t try another but right now it is a low priority. I have two creams, the same DR Harris cream in Windsor and TOBS sandalwood but the creams don’t perform as well as the soap for me. Different scents don’t provide me joy. I wish they did.
The only thing I can think of is blades. I’ve only tried two in the last year. Parker (came with my first razor), and Astra SP. I only use the latter now but I did splurge and bought 10 Gillette Spoilers that should get here soon.
Blades and Aftershaves. For blades, I splurged out early on and I'm still trying out some new ones. I know which ones I like and I don't want to create variations on the result. As for aftershaves, I like to stick to ones that my face likes. I do rotate between couple of them but in longer durations.
For me it's matching seven-day sets of SR's. My current five sets have cured me - for now. I also. only have two DE razors, 3 tucks of blades, fifteen soaps/creams, five brushes, seven after shaves, one balm and only ten other SR's.

Surely that's all I true gentleman of means needs, or is it?


My purchases tend to be planned. No real disorders here.

Blades: Stash of 600. I went through several blade droughts in the past, and never want to face another. Now stopped buying

Soap/Cream: One primary soap, one primary cream, shave sticks for travel. Four other soaps in case I get bored and need a change

Razors: 5 DE, 2 shavette, 2 straight. Only a few get much use.

Brushes: Three synthetics. One for hard soap, one for soft soap and cream, and one for travel

Post-shave: Three EdT, three aftershave lotion, three balm, currently exploring moisturisers
Razors, I love my Rockwell and have no desire to experiment with other razors.

Blades, I have a stash of over 300 Feather blades and at 20+ shaves per blade I’m not likely to ever need more blades.

Soap, I use The Fat and Jermyn Street. I have no desire to try anything else.

EDT, The wife loves Kouros, so that settles that.

Everything else is wide open.
I am somewhat of a minimalist so I dont have AD for anything. I do have:
1 Tech with Tech backup
1 boar brush with boar brush backup
Trinity of Proraso, Arko
300 blades (BiC, 7:00 green SS, Shark SS)
Blades, I'm good. Pre-shave products, EdC, EdT, no interest.

Hones? I haven't been HAD yet, but I think I have the gene.

Vintage SEs, DEs, SRs? I've still got it bad, but being cheap and limiting myself to hunting in the wild helps.

I think I even have shave stick tube AD. Shiny!!
691FB22A-A56F-432E-9D22-2EB3AD506DA3.jpeg 2D872286-EF6E-4B9C-B433-22F699938DE8.jpeg
I guess I consider myself fortunate I don't seem affected by any kind of acquisition disorder. I have one razor because my plan has always been to find a few blades that work with well with it (which I've done) so I can eliminate as many variables as possible and simply focus on technique. I also don't like having "stuff" that I'm not actually using, or in need of, just generally speaking.

I've found three or four blades that work really well for me in my Merkur 38C and have a total accumulation of maybe 300 or so? Considering how many shaves I can get per blade, and the frequency of my shaving, it feels like a ridiculous amount of blades already. I don't feel compelled to buy any more and may PIF-out some of the ones I know I won't be using.

I have two brushes, a Simpson T1 and a T3. I bought the T1, found it was too small for my liking and ordered the T3. Was going to return the T1 but it was too much hassle for such a small purchase so now I use the T1 to wash my face at night and shave with the T3. The T3 does everything I want so I feel I'm good to go.

I'll admit I don't really "get" all the hoopla surrounding soap scents, or scents in general for that matter, so I have only two soaps: one scented one unscented. Stirling "Sheep" is unscented and my current go-to. When the container I have now is used up I might try a different base but I'm just as likely to order another container of Sheep since I'm quite happy with it.

The same goes for aftershave; I use Nivea Sensitive because it really, really works for me, I don't really care for alcohol in my skin care routine and it carries a minimal scent. I also have a bottle of Proraso (white) that I like but not as much as the Nivea.
I have to say that I have no AD for blades or aftershaves. Other than those 2, finances are the only thing that keep my other acquisition disorders in check.
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