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What Shavette/Barber-Razor and Blade did you use today? We like PICS


Feather Clone, Fetaher Pro 50mm. Blade (4), Proraso Brush, Proraso Green Cream (finished), Proraso Green AS
Pre-Shave: Hot water splash
Lather: TOBS Sandalwood
Brush: Shavemac Beagle Black and tan bulb
Razor: Böker Olivewood Shavette
Blade: Miraki (2)
Post-shave: Cold water, washcloth, alum block and Fuar Ach Snog.
I got so excited I forgot to take a pic. New CJB which as far as I can tell is DX clone. Feather Pro blade. Had a few weepers on one side of my neck but no bloodbath.
Today was my experimental shave with Feather SS clone and Derby Extra half-blade (#7 and #8).
A very good shave. Bigger blade reveal helped me to avoid (annoying) bump of SS resulting in effortless
and comfortable face and head shave. As bonus - to load a blade is much-much more easy than with with ordinary swing-back or push-in DE-shavettes ! This combo will most defenitly be in my rotation !
Still have to admit two weepers on my neck !
No photo, but I used my CJB with a Kai mild blade today. It's definitely very smooth, but the shave was noticeably less close than I get from a Feather pro, or any of my traditional straights.
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