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What shave soap do you have the most of? How many do you have?


This thread may exist somewhere else, but I couldn't find it easily with a search.

What shave soap artisan/maker/brand do you have the most of? How many do you have?

For me, it's Black Ship Grooming. I have eight of their soaps.

I have two cream soaps from Proraso, and two hard soaps from Stirling. The Proraso creams don't see much use these days because I simply prefer the Stirling soaps. I'll pull out a Proraso soap every so often, though, because it's there and I feel like it should get used.
If samples count, then Barrister and Mann. One reserve, two excelsior and one soft heart.

If you mean total mass then Fine soaps. One old hard puck and two new croaps. Second place would be Stirling.
Stirling. 2 tubs and a sample. I do have a few different Proraso varieties but in terms of the amount of shaves, my Stirling tubs will yield more.

I don't use either as daily drivers.
I have 10 MWF pucks. If i heard they were going out of business I would buy another 40 right away. I have 4 DR triple milled beauties. Again, If they ceased production I would buy another 40. I have 8 Fine Platinum (hard formula) which are good but i regret stockpiling so many.

So i have more than enough......
Well, not 45 :ohmy:, but 6 Stirlings my most common. Sterling may not be my favorite soap, but they are all rock solid good and so essy to dial in.
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