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What shave equipment did you buy today

Just won a Schick Kronos on eBay.

Looked to be in very nice condition and $20 shipped. Figured it was worth a shot.
The Schick Krona is one of the most underrated yet best shaving razors out there. I bought 3 razors when I first started this journey and of the three the only one I still have is the Krona. I used it this morning actually. You will love it.
I picked up some Castle Forbes Lime, MWF. I also pick up 4 brushes Semogue 1250, SOC, Thater 4342 and 4125/2 Fan two band.
Oh, and another tube of Proraso Red.
id be buying a lot more if there were a local B&M store with a good selection of products (ie more than just Nivea and Proraso) that I could check out.
its pretty silly that an area the size of the greater Toronto region (6million ppl) only has 1-2 stores like this.
Ordered Razorock xxx & Ze Peppino, hope they're both nice as I've never used razorock before. Bit worries about the Ze Peppino as someone said it's similar to Tabac, and I hate tabac
Samples from Stirling. The added a black cherry bar soap, but my wife was there when I opened the box, so it quickly went to the upstairs bathroom, not my downstairs bathroom.

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Went looking for a shaving bowl today and found this guy at a local thrift store for $1.99. It's bigger than a Tobbs container....not sure if it's original intent was that of a shaving bowl or soup bowl but I'm declaring it a shaving bowl.

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