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What shave equipment did you buy today

Didn't plan for it but saw a great deal on a new razor head. WCS Lithe on the way.


While in Savannah for Thanksgiving family trip I found a nice GEM Featherweight at an antique store for $10. Looking forward to trying out once I order blades.
One of my favorite razors.

Too mild for many folks but I sure like it.

In fact, I bought another one, and a nice Schick Injector razor today. :)
Ordered a no brand SLOC style razor head. Been curious about the concept so when I could grab one for a little over 2 bucks I figured why not.

After trying a trial blade for a while I decided to buy myself some Personna red blades. 200 of them. Really like this blade.
Money is still flying out of my wallet...

This morning, I ordered the following:

Fine Accoutrements "Classic" (EverReady C40 clone) in Dark Blue/Light Blue:

Fine Accoutrements "Stout" (Simpson Chubby clone) in White:

Arko Shaving Soap in a bowl:

and 2 tubes of Nivea Sensitive Cream:

Bought some extra virgin olive oil today at the store. Want to give it a go as a pre-shave and perhaps even try an oil shave eventually.
I was at the grocery store earlier and they had a Van der Hagen razor on the shelf. I gave in to temptation and bought it, plus some drug store Personnas on the way home. I wasn't planning on getting back into DE shaving until my Wilkinson Sword Classic (black plastic) and blades arrived from Italian Barber, but what the heck.