What shave equipment did you buy today

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    Received Caties Bubbles Vintage SERF yesterday and used it last night. One of the best, if not the best, performing soaps I have tried. The scent is different than my portfolio but so was Summer Fig, and now I absolutely love it.
  1. Lol....I might have a bad case of RAD.

    Sunday I posted that I had made my last purchase for a while.

    Since then I ordered a Gillette Pocket Edition and since my wife bought me a cool Bob Hope GEM ad for Valentine's I just bought a sweet GEM MMOC.

    Now I seriously have to stop buying!

    Good news is I've got some cool razors coming in starting this afternoon or tomorrow so instead of buying I can start shaving with them.

    Note - thought the listing was way high but had Make An Offer option. Offered 1/3 of the asking price figuring worst they can do is say no. But they accepted!
  2. Everytime I see these I want one but my schick G1 experience has not been good enough for me to continue. I know it's different.
  3. :a50:Me too! Found 4 Oz. for $11.99 at Ross.
  4. I had received an USB microscope for Christmas, but had not realized how in tune with their customer base they actually were. After sitting by the wayside for almost 2 months, I finally realized they sent me an adjustable brush stand. You can do bristles up, down, even horizontal. Almost any position is do able with it!
  5. Also found a shave bowl(hand soap dish?) for $6.99 and 3 barber towels(microfiber kitchen towels) for $3.99 at Ross.
    WIN_20190214_12_55_52_Pro.jpg WIN_20190214_12_56_07_Pro.jpg
  6. 300 Nacets ordered today, with the quality blades on hand and this order, I'm covered for the next decade. Look out 2030.
  7. Mild blades for my Hoffritz Slant and other razors: 5 each of Rapira Platinum Lux, Derby Premium, and Perma-Sharp. I put 'em on the Amazon gift card I recently won in a writing contest.

    Bezos's Boys say it could take until March 5 (or even another week beyond that) to receive 'em. I'll probably forget about 'em, and then one day they'll show up. "What a cool surprise!"
  8. Brad Sears Chichester brush.

    Supply Razor 2.0 injector razor.


  9. PeteVK

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    I couldn't pass off the BOGO 50% off deal at WCS.

  10. Early this morning bought Simpson chubby 2 synthetic shaving brush.
  11. Waiting for shipping notifications on these two:


    rs=w_600,h_600 (3).jpeg
  12. Proraso Blue shave cream

    Gabels Bay Rum in the big retro plastic bottle like you'd find in Floyd's barbershop.
  13. Top_label_tallow.png italian holiday AS.png spice vitae.png as spice vitae.png e6eccbed000b1e5ac30d420a1e626df2--straight-razor-blue-suits.jpg The Novelist.png maszynka-do-golenia-na-zyletki-muhle-r95-rocca-brzoza.jpg
  14. Today i buy some Gillette lol
    After 9/11, I got used to having to check in my razors (yes, even the wimpy disposable ones). That's why I got an electric razor now--so that I don't have to check it in and risk becoming chia-face if the luggage got lost. However, the rules keep changing. Play it safe or just be prepared to throw everything away at the security check point.
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    Nothing today, but the day's still young.
  16. Boellis Panama 1924 in the coffret. I originally bought the 250 by itself, Panama 1924 is my go to now so I indulged. I also ordered a Simpson Chubby 2 Super to keep the Sumpson Chubby 2 Best, Simpson Chubby 2 synthetic and the Wee Scot happy. My Sabbatical has truly begun per the wife....but going to Pasture's Pharmacy in March so we will see! boellis_coffret_grande.jpg 41u6rqQtk5L._SY355_.jpg
  17. FlScott

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    I purchased a 3" Heirloom Artisan Roughout Heavy Draw Steerhide Strop this evening. To celebrate a fine shave.
  18. Supreme Sandalwood Science


    Charcoal Goods Anchor Antique Brass

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  19. Karve C&D open comb base plates

    oc_plate-c-top_720x.png oc_plate-c-bottom_720x.png

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