What shave equipment did you buy today

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by SirRoy, Feb 25, 2014.

    I purchased this fine classic arko Cream for razor Burns love the smell

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  1. Just bought a bottle of Clubman SR on Amazon.
  2. A Schick Krona for a PIF to a good friend... I felt dirty at first because I'm on Sabbatical, but he will enjoy the shaves it gives. Thank goodness PIFs are acceptable or I'd be out..
  3. Razorock baby blue AS
    Floid Vigoroso AS
    Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap
  4. A 1st quarter 1953 Super Speed...
  5. I didn't buy today, but over the weekend I placed a couple of orders. 1 for a speick stick and palmolive stick. The other for a straight razor and strop kit from whipped dog.
  6. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Contributor

    Sabbatical so... nothing. Just like yesterday, and just like tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, ad infinitum :lol:
  7. 2 tins of Strop Shoppe Black Tie
    2 tins of HTGAM/Synergy: Cavendish and Meta-Nectar (Attar)
  8. One of the VDH premium bowl, soap, and brush sets from eBay. Can't wait to try it out tonight
  9. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    a big fellow
  10. Nothing, I am holding off on buying a Muhle stand until next pay day when I am also not paying rent :( I keep looking at the mess on my bathroom bench and thinking how much I want it...
  11. 1975 Gillette Black Beauty (birth year). 2 alum blocks and some Clubman Lime. My wife wants to go shopping now, oh we'll, she's earned it.
  12. I buy to day a extra arko soap stick
  13. Well, I actually bought it a few days ago, but received my Merkur 37C today. It's a beauty!
  14. Not today, but Monday night at work, I ordered the Razorock Mission, some Lea Menthol Cream, and a few packs of Voskhod's. Tracking say's it's expected to be here Friday? Hope so!
  15. Nothing today but 2 brush stands and a 100 pack of 7OC Yellows yesterday.
  16. Pepin

    Pepin Ambassador

    Yesterday was my shopping day.
    Geo F. Trumpers Spanish Leather cream
    Queen Charlotte Green Irish croap
    Yellow Gillette blades
    Refinery Rebel moisturizer
    Truefitt & Hill Rose cream

  17. This.
  18. I looked at this thread and said "Fortunately for my wallet I didn't buy anything." I guess I had that thought because I didn't do any online shopping. Turns out that I bought a bottle of Clubman about 2 hours ago, when I got off work.
  19. Today I bought some Grey Flannel EDT.

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