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What Say Ye...Tabac...bowl or face lather?

TABAC arrived last Friday...face lathered both times this weekend.

This stuff lathers great I must say...the scent is....ummm...unique.
I got into the habit of hand lathering. Hold the Tabac in my left hand, Vulfix's best in my right hand and I whip up the lather before putting it on the beard. I only use a bowl to set the soap and brush in after the lather is applied. I then have a handful of lather to reapply as needed. When finished, the soap goes back into it's plastic container and returned to the cabinet with the other soaps in their respective plastic containers. The bowl gets rinsed out, dried and put back on the shelf.
on my face.

I cant stand to see tabac lather and not have it on me, i need it on my face. Tabac... drooooooooool.
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