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What Safety Razors in Your Collection have not been used yet and why?

I usually try each razor I purchase shortly after arrival, but I have noticed a handful of razors I have never used. Some because they are duplicates (Fatboy, Slim, Red Tip, Tech, 20's and 30's Gillette's, Gems), a couple due to lack of proprietary blades available, and others I'm not sure why. I've been telling myself to try my (user grade) Aristocrat for a while and still haven't (maybe this will make me do it) My desire, lately, has been to use my Merkur Progress or 39c which both provide great shaves. Something about the twisting (39c) or bending of the blade (Progress) that makes the blade rigidity awesome for shaving. So the question arises: What Safety Razors in Your Collection have not been used yet and why???​Thanks.
I really agree with your comments about the Merkur 39C. Received mine last week and agree it's a fantastic shaving machine. Now do I keep my other razors or sale and become a minimalist.
I have what I believe is a Gillette "contract" tech and a heavy handle Star (tech copy) that I inherited from my Great Grandfather. The Star has some serious plating loss on the head and I don't want to make it worse. No real reason I haven't used the contract tech yet, maybe I'll try it my next shave.
I don't have any that I've never used, but I do have a few that I've used a few times and not gone back to including an Old Type (prefer the New) and a beautiful heavy-handled Tech. At the risk of being accused of blasphemy, my Weber is edging towards the BST too.
My Red and Blue tip superspeed, R41 rose gold, Ever Ready 1912, all my straights and Rand Rocket shavette.
Red and Blue- tried a red once, very good, haven't got to it yet. Blue, just haven't got around to it.
R41- Once I get to the shipping address I'll have it out for a spin.
Ever Ready 1912 - lack of blades.
Straights... well, don't we all. I've a Thiers Issard, a Wm. Ragg Napoleon, King Cutter and an unknown. They're pretty and I am yet to kit out with a strop, though I have one coming from Whipped Dog.
The Rand Rocket looks exactly the same as my Dovo shavette and so it hasn't seen the light of day.

So my excuses revolve around time, similarity to a favoured razor and logistics.

Right now my 37G and Digress have exclusivity.
All my razors get used at one point or another. I collect razors for shaving (not displaying). However, I do have clear favorites and some that I honestly do not like.

1) Gillette Fatboy and Slim Adjustables - Shaves are never effortless. Regardless of the dialing and various blades, I always get sub-par results. Ironically, my gold Executive (glorified gold Fatboy) and my Black Beauty give fantastic shaves.

2) 1950 Gillette Aristocrat - Same performance and outcome of the above razors. However, the lacquer on top of the butterfly doors is wearing out and is adding a significant amount of friction. I think this is what causing my mediocre shaves as the razor does not glide as smoothly as my other razors
I have a travel Tech that I haven't used because it is NOS, and I have a standard Tech that is plenty small enough for travelling.
I got an Apollo a while ago that uses proprietary blades thinking I could "fudge" a standard DE blade into it.

<buzzzzz> WRONG

I have an Ikon Standard originally purchased as I'd read an (old) post at Shaving 101 saying it was mild, comparable to the Feather Stainless. Well this newer Ikon, while a work of art, was pretty aggressive...so it's going to be a little while before I get re-acquainted. (I came back to DE shaving in Sept '13 after about 38 years of cartridge/electric shavers)
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