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What Razor?

Hello everyone, I have just "won" this on ebay for £5, I seem to remember having one years ago but the handle was slightly different so it's a bit of a nostalgic purchase. What is it and how do they rate?


Can't help with the I.D, but I was watching that one myself when I got side tracked watching the Clerks Uncensored series we were talking about the other day. The auction totally slipped my mind. Have you shaved with it yet? Any opinions on it's performance based on the head geometry? I have seen similiar items on ebay before, often they are labelled as the last Gillette DE, but I really don't know anything more about them.
I can't help you on identifying your razor but i have a very poor quality clone of it,branded STAR the box says TRAŞ MAKİNESİ so it should have been destined to turkish market but for shaving it is just a piece of junk.The silo doors are too flimsy and the center bar is too slim to hold the blade well aligned to the guards. I would just use it loaded with a cardboard "blade" to let a kid play to shave like daddy,should i have one.
Not yet. It's not been delivered yet, I just pt the minimum bid on last night before I went to bed and this morning I'd "won" it. I'll let you all know how it shaves as soon as I use itone i bought must have been aroung 20 years ago, I bought it in Greece because I left my usual razor at home. I've probably still got the original but can't find it anywhere.
OMG, I cant believe I asked that. The auction, which I was watching only ended last night and I ask if you've shaved with it. If only all ebay sellers delivered their goods that quickly:lol: Rest assured I am hugely embarassed, not really woken up yet :blushing: As you can tell, my perception of time is obviously somewhat skewed this morning.
guenron said:
Hmmm... Can't you buy a pint or two for a fiver?:001_rolle

Well, maybe of that Frazier's Canadian stuff everyone loves, but not Trumpers, or even Taylor.

Oh wait, you meant something else didn't you.....?
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