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What Razor Would You Replace Immediately If You Lost/Broke It?

Hi Gents

Most of us have multiple razors in our collection/rotation. I have been wet shaving for over 20 years and I have collected a few myself over the years. While they all shave differently, I like them all. I rotate them all. But I keep coming back to my Merkur 34C more often than any other razor. It's definitely my favourite of the lot. I love it so much that I have a brand new one still in its box, in case I lost or somehow broke the one I currently use. For me, it's the only razor that will need immediate replacing.
What about you guys? Any razor you own that you will replace immediately?

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Edwin Jagger DE3D14

I've had to replace the top cap once, and have a spare complete head in the drawer. I also have an IKon Bulldog II handle I can use on it if needs be.

Running somewhat parallel with that, but with lesser importance, is a Merkur 985. Mainly for the head, but the two piece handle is great for travel too. For regular shaving, it's the Jagger. For removing heavy growth, or redefining the goatee outline, I'll put the Merkur head on. I have a spare head for that in the drawer too.

Everything else is for occasional novelty purpose, and of less significance.
I only carry three-dollar minshi when I travel, and almost all razors in shave den of my home are made of ti or ss, which greatly reduces my worry about loss or damage.
And each of them is my first choice, which is enough to cross use.

For me, the "irreplaceable" of these razors is purely a matter of appearance, not of use.

My area has very good soft water, so there is no need to worry about improper maintenance.
Well, this question is very real for me since I dropped my Fatip Piccolo Mk2 and sheared a pin off the top cap! I have since turned it into a lovely frankenrazor so all is not lost. It can't be replaced right away since I'm on a sabbatical until January. I'll probably get the FOCS to replace it; maybe a Schone. Similar, but different, and the handles will interchange.
My most used razor is the Edwin Jagger DE89 lined handle, so for sure that one. But there are others I enjoy and use frequently and would replace sooner or later if one of them became unusable. In no particular order:
Timeless .95 SB - Titanium and SS
Rockwell 6S
Karve C plate
Gillette Slim Adjustable
there are a few others I like occasionally but wouldn’t replace like the Timeless Bronze, Feather AS-D2 and Gillette Fatboy.
I am waiting for a Game Changer .84 SB - which has gotten many great reviews, it appears to clamp a blade rigidly like the Timeless but with a slight positive blade exposure and a smaller gap than the .95 Timeless so expect the shave will be different than anything else I have and I hope it will become another frequently used razor.
Clearly I still have a lot of RAD virus running thru my system !!
Everyone will probably think I am crazy, but out of all my razors, SR, DE and SE, there is only one that I use during nearly every shave. Typically, I use 3-4 different razors during my shave, but my clean-up pass is always completed with a VDH/Weishi long handled TTO, even is I use a SR for the initial passes.

The VDH is a very mild razor, but equipped with a super sharp blade like a BIC or Nacet, it is the perfect razor for that task. When I travel, which is infrequent these days, that is the only razor that I take with me. I rotate among several razors for the WTG, XTG and ATG passes of my shave, but the VDH is my choice for the clean-up position.

Thus, if I were to damage or lose any other razor in my collection, I would see no need to replace it as another could easily take its place. However, if I were to lose my VDH, I would seek to replace it immediately.
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