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What razor is the Gillette 7 O'clock sterling based off?

So I recently picked up one of the Indian made Gillette 7 O'clock Sterling razors and its quicjly become one of my favourites, especially when paired with either a gillette stainless blade like the nacet or minora or a treet carbon. I did change the handle out on mine though from the crappy plastic one to my Edwin Jagger DE89's since I love that handle (see pic)

My question is what is the head design based on because i'm dying to pick one up. Does anyone have any idea? I'm guessing its an old Gillette design but I could be wrong
Edit: this was a reply to an auction link with a 1940's/early 50's tech.

1940's I would say. You'll know more when you get it and can read the date code.

Edit: post war for sure.
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Edit: another reply to an auction link.

X1 made in the first quarter of 1977. Aluminum handle, Zinc cap, brass baseplate.
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Still had the right info. :)
...and it's debossed, not embossed. Common mistake. Embossing is raised, debossing is sunken.

There are very few embossed Gillette razors, and all have been engraved in modern times. Here's one of mine that I had laser embossed.
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Update: Got both for £10 combined. Picked them up earlier since he happened to live near me...
That's a good deal, and they shave just enough slightly different from each other, that they will feel like different razors. :)

Please update this thread to let us know which razor feels the closest to the Stirling. And, since the auctions have ended, you can now post links to both in this thread.
The 7 o'clock Sterling made in India is the latest 70s Tech head. Not 40s or 50s or even 60s. Same applies to the only other currently manufatured Tech head - the Super Blue made by Gillette Shanghai. The latest Sterlings from the last 3-4 years are no longer made by P&G but by a subcontractor. Still they are the 70s design.
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