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What razor do you use most often and why?

Just a general interest question. I know that most of the members here have more than one razor. Many have several and some have enough to shave for several weeks without using the same one twice. Which one razor do you find yourself using most often and why? Include all razors, DE, Straight, injector.
I have a Vision, a FatBoy, a Merkur HD, a Gillette 40s Superspeed and a Gillette black handled adjustable.

I went through a long period where I only used the Vision, but have lately been favoring the Superspeed and the HD. I've been getting very good shaves and they are easy to use, too.

I'm sure I'll eventually go back to the Vision, but find that I do better when I stick with 1 razor for a while, so I'm dancing with the HD for now!
I've been using a Merkur HD for my last few shaves. It's working great for me. I like to switch around between a fixed head and adjustable.
The purists here will have at me but I use an old Gillette Tech and get great results. It takes multiple passes, but so be it. It is such a tame razor, I can shave in any direction. Blades also seem to last longer in the Tech than in my Merkur Long Classic.

I'm waiting on a Gillette Fat Boy and that will probably move the Tech over to the side but the Tech has taught me a lot about technique. It helped me immensely when I use the Merkur Long Classic.

Long live old razors, particularly Techs.
I have dozens of razors - but over the last few months nearly all of my DE shaving has been with a Merkur Classic Long Handle. I REALLY like the razor (feel, fit, finish, handle, weight, shave, ease of use, etc) and loaded with a feather or derby extra blade - it produces a wonderfully close, irritation free shave.

When it comes to straight razors, I usually end up using my Genuine MOP Dovo Stainless 5/8ths razor.
well since I only have 2 razors, a gillette Tech and a Merkur HD, I don't have much of a choice. But I do use the Merkur 95% of the time. I find the tech to be too tame for my taste.
I have a Merkur Vision
Gillette Adjustable Fat Handle - shaved with it
Gillette Adjustable Slim Handle,
Gillette Adjustable Black Handle with plastic under the head,
Gillette Adjustable Black Handle with metal under the head,
Gillette TV,
Gillette Regent Tech,
Gillette Aristocrat,
Gillette Gold Tech
Gillette 1940's Super Speed - shaved with it.
Gillette No. 66
and some injectors

I'm not one for much change and since the Vision was the first DE I ever bought I have a hard time bringing myself to try any of the other DE's. The Vision is my security blankey :biggrin:

The only time I've achieved a BBS has been with Mama Bears Rosemary Mint, Vulfix 2234, Merkur Vision with a brand new Israeli blade.

Any suggestions on which DE I should try next
Merkur VISION- the heft and control make this my #1. :biggrin:

Gillette Adjustable- only way I get to use my Feather blades. :wink:

Merkur HD- when I am in a hurry and need to be shaved; normally, just one pass with this one. The shortness(stubbiness) of this razor causes my hand to cramp up when using more than once in a while.

I like the Slant.

I have a Futur, Gillette Fat Boy, Superspeed and Slim adjustable.

The Slant gives me the best results with only two passes.

Gillette #66. I love pretty much everything about this razor. Head geometry exactly like a Superspeed, but heavier all over. And dead sexy.

Also using the old E-type bakelite Schick injector a lot lately. Easy to use, and shaves just great. Heavier blade helps get through very heavy beard without stuttering when against the grain. Plus, it's got a great funky old-school look to it.

Yes, I am a sucker for cool looking gadgets.
salsadj said:
The only time I've achieved a BBS has been with Mama Bears Rosemary Mint, Vulfix 2234, Merkur Vision with a brand new Israeli blade.
Any suggestions on which DE I should try next

My easiest BBS so far was achieved with a superspeed and a brand new Derby extra. That'd be my choice.

All Gillettes for me:

Fat Boy
'52 SS
Blue Tip aluminum handle
Black Tip 40's

Slim and Fat Boy are my favorites, lately I have been using the colored tips to refine my technique. Tomorrow I go back to my adjustables. I use Israeli blades, more now that I got a box of 100 for $10. These blades just work very well for me so why change.

I have some razors in my rotation:

-Merkur Classic LH
-Merkur Classic Open Comb
-Gillette Adj.Fat Boy
-Schick Injector Type E
-Merkur Progress and last but not least
-Gillette SuperSpeed with black knob.

The razor which I like most is the Classic LH, because it's the smoothest razor...
At the second place the Fat Boy...

1950 Ever Ready Singke Edge
1940 Bakelite Injector

These are the mainstays in my collection, but I still use the Merkur Futur from time to time as it was my first razor. I also favour the GEM Razors (is there anyone who didn't know that?) and use a fluted Micromatic regularly.
Any of my Merkur fixed head razors --

Classic Long

All are great performers and the head on the first four are the same so it's just a matter of which one 'feels right today'...and the Slant...well 'she's got a head of her own.' :biggrin: The 1904 seems to have the handle shape and feel I like most.
I alternate between the Merkur HD and Classic Long, and an Edwin Jagger Chatsworth (also has a Merkur fixed head). I've owned the Vision and Futur, but sold them. I get consistently better shaves from the Merkur fixed heads than I ever got even once from the two Merkur adjustables. No nicks anymore either.

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