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What razor/blade did you use today

OBIF'23 Astra SP (7/28)

Cream: Cremo original
Head/Neck - High Proof w/ Astra SP
Face/Neck - '49/'50 Executive w/ Astra SP (7/28)
Alum: Omega stick
Face/Neck - Aqua Velva
Head/Neck - Nivea Sensitive


It's hard to have a bad shave with this razor. I had to use it after using the Charcoal goods everyday. The executive has a bit more blade feel but just as smooth to shave with as the everyday. I may need more care on the neck but the executive is more efficient. My alum block also tells me less irritation. Though I feel none with both razors while shaving and after I do get some feedback from an alum stick but I get even less feed back with the Executive.

So, '49/'50 Executive still my non-adjustable champ but barely.
Razor: Blackland Blackbird Lite (46)
Blade: Gillette Permasharp (1)
Pre-shave: Hot shower
Brush: RazoRock Plissoft Monster Synthetic Shaving Brush - 26mm
Lather: Stirling Soap Naked & Smooth
Aftershave: Cold water rinse; Stirling Unscented Post Shave Balm

No nicks; No irritation; Very close; Very smooth; Very pleasant DFS+ shave. Another keep it simple shave. Blackbird Lite aims to please.

Shave log summary 20230122

1948-50 Gillette Aristocrat, cheap-*** Walgreens DE blades (probably Personna), Proraso Sensitive Cream, 1950s Beau Brummel No. 6 badger brush, and my Old Spice shaving mug given to me by my parents for Christmas 1976. Three full passes on my face, one on my head for BBS. The Aristocrat is the smoothest razor I have used. LOVE IT.
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