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What razor/blade did you use today

Razor: Rockwell T2
Blade: Voskhod (1)
Brush: Percy Nobleman boar
Soap: Cella
Aftershave: Zingari Man - The Navigator

This has been my best shave so far. 0 irritation, the Voskhod was very smooth and that balm... I've been singing Proraso white's praises for a while but this Zingari balm is most excellent. Feels even better than Proraso white and it smells pretty good.

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On a side note: I shaved with Geo F. Trumpers' Sandalwood cream yesterday and found it smelled like an ashtray. The performance of the cream was very nice but that scent... :mad2:
Not sure if this is typical for Sandalwood soaps/creams. I've tried TOBS before but found that waaaay too "poudery/talkish."
Ashtray nah sandalwood should not smell like that.
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