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What razor/blade did you use today

Today, my Merkur Progress, chambered with a Feather blade (2). I'm experimenting with starting my adjustables lower for pass 1 and higher for 2 and later passes, the reverse of my routine of the last few years. So, today the Merkur came out of the gate at 4 (my razor closes fully at 2, though) for the first WTG pass. Then I ramped it up to 5 for pass 2, ATG. Most excellent result.
July 22nd:

Rex Ambassador / Western Block (6th)
Pacific Shaving All-Natural Cream / 30mm Synthetic
Pacific Shaving Caffeinated Balm
Victoria's Secret for Men EDT (gift form the wife, reminds be of Pierre Cardin)

Results: Nice 3-Pass BBS shave, with Rexy dialed down to 3.
very nice, what are your thoughts on your new razor?
It was an excellent shave. The DE89 is one of favorites but it's different. It was smooth and got my chin area very well. I like the heft of the 316SS. It wasn't aggressive but it was effective. It was also comfortable to the face. I want to get more used to it. I like it a lot and think I'm going to like it more after more use. My IKON razors have been like that. The more I use the more I like.

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