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What razor/blade did you use today

Yaqi Slant.JPG
Yaqi Slant, Persona blue (2). One moment of carelessness on my part resulted in a little neck slice, but otherwise decent. Finished with a sample of Stirling's South Padre Island AS...man, this stuff smells a whole lot like the place it is named for. Maybe to a point where I don't really care for it. A strong marine quality. Kudos on creating an evocative scent, though.
1969 Gillette Super 109 Adjustable / Vintage Wilkinson Sword (4) -- pulled "Sir WALL-E of Wetshaving" out of his year-long semi-retirement for a 3-pass CCC shave. When I got it, it still had 40+ years of dried soap and crud, and after a shave, the TTO knob froze in the closed position and wouldn't budge. "Hulk use towel for better grip!" Well, the handle sheared in two at the crimp, so I filed the rough edges and used a piece of 12 gauge copper wire to take the place of the crimp. It gives new meaning to the term "Frankenrazor," but it shaves fine and now holds the distinction of being the only Black Beauty on B&B wired for 110v!
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