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What razor/ blade did you use today

Hi all,

I had about 3-4 days growth of Beard and I figured I would need something pretty aggressive this morning so,
I went "old School" and shaved using my vintage Gillette (OC) "Single Ring" with a (once used) RAPIRA (Russian) blade. Whoa! Talk about a CLOSE shave! I may have made one too many passes as my Face is pretty darn Red lol.
I suspect I removed a few micro layers of skin! After Shave, I jump back in the Shower and ran a lot of hot water on my Face & washed Face using Peppermint liquid soap. Afterwards (in order) lots of Thayers Witch Hazle, Osage Rub, MASTERS Bay Rum, and Lubriderm lotion! I am CLEAN shaven like never before!