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What razor/ blade did you use today

Razor: Schick injector i2 Hydro-magic -Mfg 1954-57
Blade: Schick (4)
Soap : Barrister & Mann Seville
Brush: Razorock Noir 400
Preshave: wet the face & apply a little Aloe vera gel
Post shave: Alum + cold water rinse
Post shave: Proraso green lotion AS + witch hazel & pea size amount of Nivea balm
Results: CCS,DFS,BBb-Alum block indicated some neck irritation(new razor)=:001_smile

Have some great shaves!
Van Der Hagen (rebranded Weishi 9306) razor
Van Der Hagen blade
Proraso cream and after shave

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