What razor/ blade did you use today

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by highball, Mar 8, 2011.

    Gillette Fatboy / Gillette 7o'clock green [​IMG]

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  1. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    Feather AS-D2 + Feather.
  2. VIR ЯoToR / Feather
  3. I only speak English very poorly, but I like to test blades to learn.
    I only shave every other day. I wanted to achieve 30 shaving with
    this blade. So today, the last shave with this blade.

    Razor: Parker 66R TTO , Blade: Personna Crystal (30)
  4. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

  5. Rockwell 6S / Astra SP (4)
  6. Gillette Slim Adjustable set on #5. Personna Blue Comfort Glide Blade (2).
  7. Razorock SLOC/Gillette Silver Blue (6)
  8. Gillette New/Astra SP. Wanted to mix it up from using the Game Changer for almost a month straight. Got a great shave.
  9. Merkur 38C Barberpole / Feather (3)
  10. WR2 1.15mm brushed Ti

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  11. Fen


    Mühle R89 with an Astra SP.
  12. Mühle R41 & Asco Red
  13. RR GC / Personna Red (3)
  14. davidsilva

    davidsilva Contributor

    Brass General / Feather Prosuper (14)
    Mondial Tobacco Verde
    Fine Fresh Vetiver
  15. RazoRock Game Changer .84/ Gillette 7 o’clock Yellow (3)
  16. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    NDC Super Speed + Astra SP
  17. Fat Boy / Nacet
  18. FrankenSchone/Polsilver[​IMG]

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  19. Yaqi Mellon Gunmetal/Polsilver(I)

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