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What razor/ blade did you use today

Today I did my last shave (7) in a Lord Super Chrome with a Merkur 39C. Tomorrow I will be starting Open Comb March (late) with a Shark Super Stainless in a Gillette NEW.
Long comb New - started out with a 7 o'Clock yellow...too much drag. Finished pleasantly with a Medical Personna.
Near as I can figure, circa 190x Valet SE (not an AutoStrop) with a Feather blade. You didn't ask... VDH soap. A truly spectacular shave! Now I need to get more Feathers for this razor.
EJ89L with a Feather Blade 2, Pass WTH & ATG , Nice BBS , Now i know i dont need to do a 3 pass anymore, just 2 WTG & ATG :thumbup:
My last shave with the Gillette 7 o'clock (Black package - Indian?) in my 1951 Gillette super Speed.

It was the 6th shave, and I should have stopped at 5. A decent shave, but I know I could have gotten a cleaner one with a fresher blade.