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What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

Perma-Sharp Super (4)

Today's shave was one of the best I've had in a while.I normally won't push a blade more than 3 but this sucker is still going strong after 4,and that is including headshaves.I'm gonna push this one mo' time and see what happens.
Way too early this morning, I had a quick shave with a three shave old Astra SP in my Merkur 38c. Big hurry.... No time for brush and soap puck, no time for my Stahly. Just a quick lather with Soft Soap Aloe hand soap, and a fast two pass rip with the razor. Beautiful! Very smooth, no blood, no drama. I think I broke a record with three minutes start to finish.

Tonight, I decided to try the much loved Gillette 7 Yellow wrapper in my Stahly. I shaved with the Astra at 5 am, and at 8:30 pm, I had an invite to a neighbors house. I took my time, and enjoyed a full shaving routine... I ended up with one nick (unusual with the Stahly), but otherwise, it was a great shave. A fine shave, as a matter of fact. It felt like an Astra!

The more new blades I try from the St Petersburg plant, the more convinced I become that there really isn't much to choose between the top labels besides target market pricing... I'll stay with the yellow for a few more days, and switch off with the green that I carefully set aside from the Stahly tonight, but I'll be pretty shocked if I can tell any notable difference over 4 shaves each.

The more blades I try, the better Astra feels....
"The Blade Man" vintage blue steel, my last blade of these, binned after six.

It sure did a nice job tonight, but I'm accustomed to a new blade on Saturday after skipping the Friday night shave. Plus, I'm rarin' to try out my other carbon-steel stock in the mild handles, which have paired so well with this one!
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