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What razor am I missing out on?

Wow, you already have some great razors. I have some of those as well and I can highly recommend the Yates 921-H. For me it shaves as close (or closer) as my R41GS and Blackbird while being more comfortable. My favorite razor thus far in my quest.
Razors that you might be missing out on?

Razorock Lupo 72 - incredible razor that is comfortable and efficient. if you like the Gamechanger 84 this is a logical step forwards.

PAA Meta-4 - smoothest razor I have ever used and most comfortable with still being reasonably efficient (out of a very mild razor) hard to find in stock

PAA DOC Ascension - not only aesthetically interesting but a great shaver and multiple materials like 316, copper, aluminium etc to choose (out of stock mostly.)

Any Homelike shaving razor but during these times........
I’d say the Lupo (pick the plate you think works best for you - I love the 72). It’s very slim and nimble head design makes it unique. I’d also recommend the Tatara Masamune. It also has a slim and nimble head as well as a unique dimpled handle that seems to stick to your fingers differently than the usual knurled options. Lots of great options recommended above.


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No one mentioned the nickel-plated Fatip Grande yet?!

@MaukaMan , unless you have nickel allergies, I recommend the nickel-plated Fatip Grande double-edge safety razor for daily shaving.

If nickel silver is an issue for you, there are also chrome-plated and gold-plated versions as well, but I can’t comment on them.
Taiga + a Feather blade provide the smoothest and at the same time the most efficient shave I have had yet.
As I've stated before: absolutely no one could claim they get a bad shave from that combo, neither in shave nor end result. "YMMV" does not apply here.
All while you can adjust it to your exact liking.
Really some great recommendations from everyone, thanks again! I think I've decided on the timless TI .95 sb as it's a razor I've always wanted to try, and will try the slim plate next. I have an extra handle that would also be perfect for a .95 lupo head as well. RAD is really a slippery slope. Hahahah. I appreciate the helpful enabling 😉


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I highly recommend the Smart Helix Apollo. It has 2 sides, one aggressive and one mild although to me there is not a huge difference, just enough. It is well made, good knurling, has good heft, comes with a pin style stand. Cool box with a locking ring that keeps the razor secure during shipping.
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They are made in Kharkiv Ukraine (web page says it was designed by engineers there) so I am not certain they can be acquired now. Perhaps someone else has been able to get one recently and can tell us if they are still shipping them. If so they are definitely not shipping from Kharkiv.
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That is a stunning, beautifully packaged razor my friend.

Such a sad state of affairs over there...
The Timeless Slim 0.5 OC is one of my preferred razors.
It is not the smoothest, but it is very efficient. More so than the other Timeless razors which I would not consider all that efficient, but smooth.

The Wunderbar is an odd one, I like how it shaves, hate how little feedback it gives. Some always feel the blade apparently too much, I barely feel it cutting. It's also very silent. Very irritating.

Besides that, hard to get atm, except used. Razorock has an upcoming slant, supposedly with multiple blade choices.

For Timeless, my only regret with the Slim is that they don't make their crown handle in stainless steel. I have my head and some handles in steel, want it in steel as well, not titanium. Be adviced that Timeless handles of 14mm diameter are rather heavy in steel. So maybe 85mm instead of the long Barber Pole design if you should consider it. You might also prefer Titanium, personally I prefer stainless steel, machined or polished.
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