What products fly under the B&B radar?

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    I would say guys who come up with really unqiue brush handle designs and glue a knot into said handle. Theres actually some really cool artisan brush designs out there. It seems like Wolf Whiskers gets a lot of attention (and its well-deserved) but theres lots of great artisans out there.
  1. Care to name some artisans? Thanks
  2. ike


    I am traveling right now and had my first shave this morning while on the road. I quickly realized I didn’t pack my green rubber Marvey brand mug in my dopp kit. This made me sad; that mug holds water to soak razor and brush and is just generally useful to have around while shaving. It also provides a place for razor so as to not come into contact with my wife’s stuff and accidentally cut herself.

    However, I found that I actually did pack it in my large suitcase so now I’m happy and can continue me trip. :)
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    Just the shape or do they make their own resin blanks? :001_tt2:
  4. Things that are readily available for shaving in the local chain stores. Many good products there that get little play here because they are lower cost, and for the masses rather than sophisticated shavers such as ourselves. The excellent VDG starter set comes to mind as do some carts, some canned foams and gels.
  5. Meissner Tremonia
    A fine artisan soap that should be in the same league as MdC.
    seldom heard about on B&B
  6. Hardly anything. If it's got a thread here, it's on the radar.
  7. I love Mint Ice Menthol. All of their scents are unique though, and very good.
  8. Dapper Dragon Scale Polish. I really like balms, have tried a lot of them. DDSP is the best I have found. Particularly like the Helios scent.

    With respect to soaps, I think Abatte Y la Mantia soaps are fantastic. The two I've tried (Laureato and Don Jose) are fabulous. Don Jose might well be my desert island soap.
  9. Nick Weepers

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    Turtleship soaps. I’ve tried most of what’s out there and Turtleship is as good as any and better than most.
  10. Not completely under the radar but Viking soaps (https://vikingsoap.com) performance is fantastic - I love their Iceland scent. Their non-tallow versions are just as good as any of the tallow ones - or better.
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    Wm Neumann. In my den, I might have an aftershave or a soap/cream from any particular artisan, but rarely do I find an artisan who can do both extremely well. Neumann is an exception. Both the cream (haven't tried the soap) and the aftershave are amazing. My favorite flavors, 1907 and 1911, are based on recipes from a Michigan apothecary from the years 1907 and 1911, respectively. Amazing scents, and performance.

    And very rarely mentioned.
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