What products fly under the B&B radar?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by CzechCzar, May 12, 2019.

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    Regarding carts, I take it you've never looked at the Modern Shaving Systems sub-forum. :wink2:
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    No. That place creeps me out.
  3. I agree on the generic witch hazel. I use Dickenson’s every shave. I actually live in East Hampton, CT where Dickenson’s is made and will be posting some history on the company in the near future. Also products that get no love and probably have the biggest DE brand presence: Van Der Hagen. My daily razor is the Van Der Hagen long handle and i quite like it. Also the soaps are very good and do at times get a mention. But not much love.
  4. Soap commander
    Tcheon fung sing
    Stubble buster
  5. Shannon's soaps, which I absolutely couldn't be without. Woodlands and Silk Pajamas are just two I rotate with exclusively.
  6. Old styptic pencil (cheap and effective)!
  7. Oh....and I almost forgot...Lucky Tiger AS & Toner
  8. +1 for both of these. The SC stuff is amazing especially for the price. Giant tubs, great scents.

    TFS is what I started with thanks to my buddy @guitarslinger and will always have a place with me; I’ve found stuff I like better scent wise but these still kill.
  9. Hair conditioners; they work okay as shave cream if you are staying in a hotel.
  10. Tabac
  11. Shaving-Cream-With-Tallow-Australia-Vitos-Barber-Shop-Shaving-Cream-Bladder-500ml.jpg
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    Yup. And that same hotel's hand cream is probably a decent aftershave balm!

  13. Mamba 70, Chiseled Face Pine Tar shaving soap.
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    LMAO! Good stuff :001_smile
  15. I feel like artisan brushes kind of fly under the radar. Theres so many great artisans that make wonderful brushes out there but they never seem to get much press.
  16. yeah, (for me), it's a nice soothing feeling face moisturizer.

    very pleasant mild scent that fades very quickly. i use the aqua velva balm right after shaving, wait a few minutes to absorb and fade, then put on whatever splash and/or cologne i'm using that day...the balm doesn't seem to mess with the performance or smell of the splash at all,... except maybe for taking a little of the initital sting out of a heavy alcohol/menthol splash
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  17. Mamba 70 is my favorite razor of the 3 dozen I own. I use it almost exclusively now days.
  18. Guys who glue a knot in a lathe turned handle, or something more?
  19. I can't speak for all of them, but Declaration ties all his own knots, so I guess that would be "something more".
  20. Dzaw, excellent info. Thanks for sharing. :)

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