What products fly under the B&B radar?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by CzechCzar, May 12, 2019.

    We all must have them... A product we absolutely love that gets no attention on the forums, and we can't figure out why. What are yours? What could you not shave without, but doesn't get why attention?

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  1. So many great products such little time.
    I recently dug out soap commander vision. Ive been switching between GD, T&S and sv.
    Using soap commander again and so recently with these other top tier stuff ive been very imp with SC its quality stuff that doesn't seem to get recebt mention.
  2. My 3/4-cup plastic measuring cup I use for a mug. It's just the right depth and circumference for WMS. Plus it won't break if I drop it.
  3. Keep'em coming guys.

    For me it's any tubed shaving cream, followed up by a portion of Stephan's Stay Smooth . That combination gives the best cushion and glide of anything I have ever tried without even using a brush.

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  4. "The cheap ones".
  5. Maybe the Arko shaving creams in a tube? Where'd they go? Is it that menthyl paraben concern? We are men, not laboratory mice.

    I think that for the most part B&B is like the Lidless Eye of Sauron, scouring the planet's surface for all things shaving.
  6. I use one of our rice bowls since I don't like banging the brush handle on the edges of my Old Spice mug.
    They make big wide mouth coffee mugs that look like they would do the job.
    Inexpensive Japanese suribachi bowls are supposed to work really well. A lot of ridges inside the bowl for building lather.
  7. DEPenguin

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    Great imagery! And likely very true.
  8. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Carts and canned foam/gel.

    They are part of traditional wet shaving, yet so little reviews and discussions about them.
  9. Agreed. Some are much better than others. Nivea sensitive canned gel, while not as fancy, gives a great shave.

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  10. not under the radar..... but an occasional blip on radar:
    williams soap, cella soap,arko, glycerin, wilikinson sword blades from india, DIY shave oil, plush hand towel/ oversized wash cloths, clubman special reserve, nock off/clone/ copy razors, omega brushes........
  11. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    I found Arko to be pretty good.

  12. I still love Nancy Boy
  13. Well, yeah, sort of. That is kind if like saying The Spanish Inquisition is part of the experience of traditional Catholicism.

    Not exactly something I would willingly now volunteer for. It is as if not being able to rinse the crud out from underneath a cartidge's blades is a memory I care to revisit.
  14. I agree. Aveeno shave gel is a great alternative to traditional soap and cream.
  15. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Foam, gel, carts and electric razors have been around for 50 years. I consider them traditional. Why no electric razor reviews?
  16. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Oh I loathed it, but it only happened with longer growth. Now that I shave daily I don't see it as a problem.
  17. Aqua Velva "sensitive 5 in 1" balm-... feels great, works as a nice face moisturizer even on non-shave days,.... very light clean smell, practically unscented after a few minutes, won't interfere with any follow-up splashes or colognes.

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  18. Does it work? I get redness/irritation and some bumps. Saw this on Amazon and considering it.
  19. troy

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    Generic witch hazel. I use it pretty much every time I shave, but never put it in shave of the day pics, and rarely even mention it. Also don't usually here too many others mention it.

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